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Outbound Marketing


Outbound Marketing can be referred to as traditional marketing. Getting customers attention directly regarding products or services.

Goal of Outbound Marketing

  • Brand awareness to increase, give a push up on leads and see demand rising for products / services. 

  • Strategies used for wider target audience.

  • Using more traditional approach.

Distribution Channels

  • TV/radio Commercials

  • Billboards 

  • Direct mail 

  • Email Campaign 

  • Industry events


'' SHARE A COKE' campaign by Coca-Cola 

Printing Means


Coca-Cola printed bottles and cans with first names of people. The main goal was the people's inspiration by personalizing beverages and increase word of mout

Effective strategy

Using powerful strategies by direct promotion sacrificing effective content or finding customer solving problems.  

Rapid Results

Paid ads on social media or TV ads can bring more rapid advertising results.

Target Group

Online analytics get a greater insight on target group e.g. location-based, attractiveness, demographics or online activity.

Improving Strategies

Fund allowance or company needs adjusting strategies accordingly.


Changing online strategies easier e.g. sales offers, email campaigns, direct mail.

Pros and Cons of Outbound Marketing


Multi-channels such as ads on TV, magazines or leaflet offers can be costly.

Without direct promotion brand not known

Consumers may not be aware of your brand before you reach them.


Email campaigns that outbound marketing is using cannot be trusted easily.

Non-accurate ROI results

Ads on both billboards & radio not easy to follow up.

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